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Introducing the Performance Culture Profile Diagnostic – your organization’s path to success!

Does your organization or a function or a team within your organization struggle to deliver consistent results? Are you keen on enhancing the level of ownership and accountability within the organization? Would your organization benefit from higher levels of trust and collaboration among teams to deliver results?

Our Performance Culture Profile diagnostic provides you with insights into the key elements that contribute to building a robust performance culture for your organization.


Accountability & Commitment


Transparency & Openness


Execution & Innovation

Benefits of building a robust performance culture

Fast-track the process to delivering optimal business results and achieve goals.

Foster high levels of trust and collaboration to build stronger and capable teams

Pursue high standards of excellence through innovation and focused execution

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees can take this diagnostic for free?

Up  to 20 members can take the diagnostic for free. If you wish to add more members, write to us at [email protected] and we will connect with you to discuss this further. Do note that to generate the Performance Culture Diagnostic report a minimum of 5 employees need to respond to the survey.

Who will benefit from this diagnostic?

Business, functional or organization leadership teams where the degree of alignment and ownership towards goals needs to improve.

What are the steps to respond to the diagnostic and by when do we need to do it?

Your need to enroll your organization for the diagnostic by 31st August, 2023. We will request the list of employees who need to be invited to take the diagnostic.

With this information, we will set up the diagnostic for your organization. The enrolled team can respond to the diagnostic till 30th October 2023. We will conduct the complimentary 2-hour virtual debrief session after the enrolled team has responded to the diagnostic by 30th October 2023. Do note, a minimum of 5 employees need to respond to the diagnostic for the report to be generated.

Who will facilitate the debrief session?

A Core Creators’ Partner will facilitate the complimentary 2-hour virtual debrief session during which they will share insights from the diagnostic and their recommendations on what needs to be done to achieve results.

Have you done this for any clients?

Yes, the insights from Performance Culture Profile has helped clients across different industries take action to improve the performance culture in their organization.

Read our most recent case study on the topic here.

Can I speak to someone before enrolling for the diagnostic?

Absolutely! If you have specific queries or questions, please write to us at [email protected] and one of our consultants will reach out to you.