Applied Capabilities

Programs to build leadership capacities to support transformation

We believe that capabilities are developed when learning new skills and knowledge is applied in one’s context. Capability also includes the exercising of “leadership” in roles at all levels. Our approach surfaces and strengthens this “leadership” as particular capabilities are being built. We build capabilities using an experiential learning approach including training, on the job application, feedback and coaching. When development and application of learning occurs at multiple levels, it results in new organization capacities to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness.


Our Programs

Lead Business

Purpose: Build capability to think strategically and co-create vision, make strategic choices and define execution roadmaps to achieve the vision.

Program Content: Understand and apply

  • Vision to Action Framework that includes the Five Conversation Archetypes (Future, Now, How, Past & Why) for envisioning the future of your business.
  • Appropriate strategic choice making models and frameworks to achieve the business aspiration.
  • The Initiative Management model to develop operational plans including managing risk through potential deviation analysis (PDA).
Lead Culture

Purpose: Build the capability to lead culture change or embed the desired culture within the organization through the process of co-creation and systemic execution.

Program Content: Understand and apply

  • The Focused Conversation method to align Mission, Vision and Strategy to Culture
  • Facilitation tools to define key behaviours, practices and ways of working to demonstrate the desired culture
  • Coaching techniques to promote the adoption of behaviours, practices and ways of working
  • Measurement and benchmarking tools to accelerate the adoption of behaviours, practices and ways of working
  • The approach to modify performance enabling policies, systems and practices to sustain the desired culture
Lead Change

Purpose: Build the capability to lead and drive execution of strategic change at a team, function, business unit or entity

Program Content:

  • Understand and apply
    • The major social processes/ organization dynamics influencing organizational functioning
    • The different operating cultures and value systems present in an organization
    • How a person’s relationship to the impending change such as acceptance or resistance impacts the organizational change efforts
  • Develop a plan to apply a change strategy for an identified change project in the community or work environment.
Lead Self

Purpose: Build an individual’s capability to activate and apply self-awareness to their leadership roles.

Program Content:

  • Understand your Leadership style
  • Understand and apply the concepts of growth mindset, mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Understand and integrate the five interior stances of leadership – Being collaborative, comprehensive, appreciative, responsible and courageous
  • Develop a personal and professional vision
  • Learn how to apply goal, task and energy management to strengthen personal productivity
Lead Others

Purpose: Build the capability to lead others in an empowering way to enhance people’s productivity, enable their growth and inspire values-based behaviours.

Program Content:

  • Understand and apply Foundational ToP™ facilitation skills and build capability to conduct conversations and workshops to leverage the collective wisdom of the group(s).
  • Understand and apply Coaching as a leadership skill to develop others.
  • Understand and apply Influencing and Negotiating tools to arrive at win-win solutions.
  • Understand personal value systems to channelise the discretionary efforts of people.
  • Understand and apply customer centricity tools to enhance customer engagement.
Lead Execution: Project Mgmt.

Purpose: Build the capability to manage execution of strategic projects.

Program Content: Learn how to

  • Scope projects
  • Schedule activities to execute projects
  • Estimate project costs
  • Define quality standards
  • Estimate people requirements
  • Organise contracts and procurement
  • Establish communication protocols and mechanisms
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Manage key stakeholders relationships
Lead Execution: Initiative Mgmt.

Purpose: Build the capability to manage execution of strategic initiatives or programs.

Program Content: Understand and apply the approach to

  • Defining success measures
  • Identifying challenges/risks to achieve the success measures
  • Determining the resource requirements
  • Identifying and scheduling actions and allocating accountabilities
  • Monitoring and reviewing
Lead Operations

Purpose: Build the capability to plan, resource, implement, monitor, review and report to ensure consistent delivery of goals.

Program Content: Understand and apply

  • A model to evaluate the effectiveness of current systems and processes (reactive to predictive)
  • The approach to re-design systems and processes to shift them from being reactive to predictive
  • The approach to design and utilise mechanisms to monitor, review and report operational performance

The duration of each program will be finalized in discussion with the client based on the learning needs of the participant. If you wish to know more about any of our programs, please write to us to initiate a conversation.

Our Methodology



Immersion in new knowledge, models and tools.



Small-group practice and feedback to develop competency in using the new knowledge, models and tools.



Develop role/function specific application designs.



One-to-one coaching to enhance capability.

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