Facilitative Project Manager

Our Facilitative Project Manager (FPM) program develops an individual’s capacity to deliver ongoing project value by collaboratively engaging stakeholders in project conversations and governance

About the Program

“The leader-as-hero model, command and control and clockwork management do not work. We win when we collaborate, support one another, and share what we know. Together, we win.”

– Tony Loyd, Stories and Strategies from the VUCA World

Organizations and groups, especially in rapidly changing environments, face the challenges of effectively using their finite resources of people, time, and money. Structured, facilitative processes throughout a project’s life cycle help managers respond to these challenges faster, smarter and with more buy-in.

Facilitation or co-creation is an increasingly valuable skill set to collaboratively manage project functions such as planning, scoping, meetings, governance & controls, risk management and reviews.

The Facilitative Project Management program is a collection of tools and approaches to establish project governance, controls/structure; to lead highly collaborative project conversations and workshops; and to keep project stakeholders and strategy focused.

The Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methods are central to the pedagogical approach used in this program. ToP™ was pioneered by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, an international network focused on the development and application of social innovation methods for community and organizational development around the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge, skills and attributes to apply group facilitation methods such as the ToP™ Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop Methods.
  • Integration of the ToP facilitation methods with standard project meetings and situations such as stakeholder engagement workshops, scoping workshops, stage gate reviews, and risk planning.

Ideally For

Project Managers, Project Co-ordinators, Project Supervisors, Functional Managers, Program Managers



Dr. Jude Balm with Core Team Members and Associates

Session Details

All sessions are conducted online, for 4 hours each, delivered over 2 weeks. The faculty to participant ratio for this program is 1:8.

Session 1

Introduction to ToP™ Focused Conversation Method.

Session 2

Introduction to ToP™ Consensus Workshop Method.

Session 3

Review Project Controls and Structure through the facilitative lens.

Session 4

Design and practice applying the FCM & CWM methods to standard project meetings and situations.

Session 5

Integrating facilitative mindset and approach with project Leadership and Strategy. Planning for integrating facilitation to in-role/ on-the-job project situations

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Our programs bring time-tested learning tools and principles that work effectively in both social and corporate settings. The learning approach incorporates:

  • Blended (experiential/social/instructor led) learning
  • Opportunities to reflect, practice and deepen understanding thereby building competence and confidence to apply tools and principles
  • Application in work roles and projects

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