Organization Culture: Embedding Co-Created Values

A framework to assess and reflect on actions to build a business enabling culture

Cultures are built by default or design. To build culture by design requires articulating values and consciously embedding them with ownership. Co-creating desired values builds ownership.

Cultures could get built for the sake of culture or to enable business. The latter is likely to be an enduring robust culture. Two factors impact building an enduring robust culture that enables business

  • extent of alignment of co-created values with business needs and
  • extent of alignment of behaviors, systems & practices with co-created values.

When alignment of both factors is high, the organization is likely to experience growth and be seen as successfully “Embedding Co-created Values”.


Your reflection on this matrix can be considerably enhanced by responding to a series of questions organized to take your reflection from observations to contextualisation to application to next steps

Reflect on:

  1. Which quadrant best represents the current state of your organization?
  2. What factors enable the current state?
  3. What is the impact of the current state on your organization?
  4. What quadrant would you like your organization to be in?
  5. If the desired quadrant is the same as the current quadrant, what factors need to be continuously reinforced or strengthened?
  6. If the desired quadrant is different from the current quadrant, what factors hinder the movement to the desired quadrant?
  7. What changes does the organization need to make to overcome the hindrances?
  8. What would be your first steps?

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